purpose rocksWhat do I mean to do with this blog?

Published every other Sunday, each post features Opinion; Commentary; Short story or essay; poetry or maybe just a cool quote that has made a real contribution to my life.

If sharing some of that leaves you a little better than you were before, then I’ve done something good.  Still so much to learn…so little time.  Welcome to the trip.

Glad you’re on the Planet.

5 Responses to Purpose

  1. melanie says:

    Dan, Dan, Dan…remember me? I’ve missed you, your blog and all things blog-wonderful! I will never be able to catch up on all your posts and I really wanted to just email you personally, but couldn’t find a way. I recently went public with my new blog and would love to have you visit. Get in touch!!

    • dan4kent says:

      Melanie — Gardner to the stars and the kids! Just visited AllAccess and left you a note. As to EM, I’ve added an address down in the legal box to make it easier to communicate ‘off board’. dan4kent@hotmail.com
      You’ve got a Friend (and a big fan) in Chicagoland. Travel well. Until then, Dan

  2. I Loved your post on Alice Dan but couldn’t find a place to comment. People we love never leave us, they are a;ways there nestled in our hearts; until we meet them again. {{{Hugs}}} my thoughts are with you.

    • dan4kent says:

      Athena — So gratifying to hear your kudo. Your use of the word ‘nestled’ is particularly powerful in its comfort.
      On more pedantic matters, the COMMENT option in the current page configuration is revealed when you touch the Comments option at the bottom of each post. A disciple of continuous self-improvement, I will commit to playing this week with other structural approaches to make the back-and-forth discourse easier. You produce such high-quality content. Please know I read you on a regular basis. In the vernacular, ‘you be really good’. Travel well, as will I and Mine on this side of the Atlantic. Dan

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