Plan B”. Two simple syllables who have stubbornly refused to let me alone all this week and most of last. I have no clue as to why they won’t leave me alone or what they’re still trying to tell me. Early in the week, I told myself, ‘No worries. Keep listening. Search for it. You don’t publish till Sunday’.


Now it’s Sunday and I’ve spent days looking inside (and out) for what it is they’re asking me to find. Paraphrasing the old Wendy’s commercial I ask, “Where’s the Truth?

Truth? Here’s one. It is prudent to have a Plan B. Nature believes it. Her flora and fauna have been adapting to change for millions of years.

Or, if you please, look at Washington and the Health Care debate this week. We watched all the options from every side of the issue twist in someone elses’ breeze. Improve the ACA? Gut it? Replace or ‘No worries, let’s just let the sick perish and no one left of any means will have to fret over the loss of our excess population‘. Excuse me? This is not a Dickens novel. It’s our Home. Have you been to a Town Hall lately?

Writer’s block sucks! Not an elegant phrase, but it does.

As I indicated up front, Plan A was writing about Plan B. The rich irony is not lost on me that I, in good conscience, know that what’s in my Plan B draft does not meet either good standard or a viable Truth. It’s simply not ready. Time for Plan B.

Relax Dan. It’s just a date…god willing, there are plenty more to come. So for now, I’m sorry. I’ve got nothing for you…but me.




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Scrubbed Plan A


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