Writer’s Laryngitis

I heartily recommend the following (See LINK to Writer’s Laryngitis by Yearstricken)

Read her.  Yearsticken was one of my early guiding lights when all I knew was A) I had no choice but to write and B) scared at how much I didn’t know about blogging or the production process beneath it.  I remember sitting there in front of my keyboard, looking at the PUBLISH button for minutes at a time, listening to my own heart beat in my ears.

She didn’t know I felt that way at the time and to her credit, me reading her whenever she posts has not helped me at all (ha!).  She’ll like that.

Blogging.  What I thought was going to be a little experiment has turned out to be an important part of my life and at times, a touchstone to the means to ends I’m still discovering.  So in the end, maybe all I know is what I like and what I like, is her work.

Delete-Key, Enter-key or the infamous back-space.  We’ve all done things we wished we could erase.  We’ve all struggled with how to get what’s inside, out, and down on a piece of paper capable of painting a picture that invokes a connection with another human being.

Source: Writer’s laryngitis

In closing, let me pay her forward by including an excellent track dropped this past week by Pentatonix, a favorite accapella group of mine.  The kind of love they sing about searching for is the one that I have.  But love, being a many splendored thing is sort of funny that way. Tough to find when you want it…right in front of you when you turn around and least expect it.  I am a very lucky man.

Reminding myself of just how much I have to be grateful for, I wish you nothing but to travel well this week and have some fun along the way…something I haven’t done nearly enough of lately.



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keep calm and write something

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